Darby | Eye of Africa Golf Estate

The 670m2 west facing site posed unique challenges due to its orientation as well as an existing Oak tree in what would become the driveway area for this 332m2 home. The view north of the city of Johannesburg was on the shorter street side if the site so we elected to place the main bedroom and second bedroom on the second storey facing north. Off of the main bedroom, the ‘quiet-time’ nook embraces the Oak tree and shelters the covered entrance.

The double volume spine of the house forms an axis from north to south and separates the living space from the service spaces downstairs and the main suits from the children’s bedrooms upstairs.

From the landing on the first storey the double volume axis finds its true expression in opening up to the south view of the first fairway, a view enjoyed every time one navigates the stairs.

The downstairs living space opens onto 2 patios to the west and south opening up to the garden, braai and pool areas.

Project date: 2012